Sunday, January 5, 2014

When Women Are Replaced by Guns

When I was younger, Mickey Spillane was thought to be the most adventurous of crime writers, and somehow I kept imagining the covers of his books in paperback featuring scantily clad women, Spillane being a ladies' man. I never read those books, or even saw them, so my imagining was surely unreliable. But see,

Even an early Jean-Paul Sartre paperback had such a cover.

I am again reading detective/crime/suspense novels. "Women and sex" are still there, but there is remarkably little detail or narrative about sexual events. Rather, the detail lies in the guns and rifles and sniper weaponry, the Barrett 50mm being the most horsehung of the lot, so to speak.  The flight of the bullet (from a Barrett) is detailed in one Lee Child novel, Die Trying, with tension and technical description, two whole pages in my copy. I have noticed that in many novels that the weaponry, the guns, the rifles, etc, are given in great specificity and with close attention to detail. Sex happens but the description is brief.

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