Friday, January 31, 2014

Somebody Up There Likes Me

Rocky Graziano wrote a book "Somebody Up There Likes Me."

For about five years I served on a university committee. I did my work, and in fact I did much more than the normal amount of work, since I was asked to do so. I learned a lot, and it was interesting. It took up time, but this was my relaxation time from writing books, so it was a plus.

Recently at a dinner for 300, I found myself at my host's table. A few minutes into the dinner, my host leans forward and says to the people around the table, "I want to tell you about Martin. His work for my committee provided me with the guidance I valued most, since it was always in terms of making the institution stronger."  She went on a bit longer. I was surprised and also gratified. I had done my committee work since it was needed and it was interesting. I did not expect to be rewarded, rather this is what it means to be a professor. The glow is still there. (Manifestly this was a setup by the host--otherwise I would not be at her table, sitting just opposite her.)

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