Monday, October 7, 2013

When the memoirs don't take responsibility...

When I read some of the memoirs of the GWBush folks, what was striking is that they seemed not to be present when he big decisions are made. That is, no one told them something important, or something just happened. (By the way, the first 2/3 of Doug Feith's War and Decision is very different.) Then I found this on Tom Ricks' blog today.

"Gold Star Father," a Marine vet who lost a Marine son in our recent wars, mentioned this in a comment the other day:
I was tootling around a Big Box Store one day with my wife. I left the book section and moved on. Wife disappeared. I back tracked to find her at the book section taking all of Bush's memoir copies off the shelf and dropping them on the floor. I panicked for a second as I figured every camera in the store probably just targeted us. But, I kinda shrugged, watched her do it, and we moved on. She told me she did the same when Rummy's memoir hit the shelves.

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