Saturday, June 6, 2015

An Elevator Speech About Your Work--an Academic Minute. Or, a Haiku About Your Work.

1. Recently, I have been doing some podcasts for Academic Minute, a site where professors talk about their work in 1'40". It forces me to say it all in about 250 words.  Below are three links, one to my work on mathematics in modeling, one on my urban photographic work, and one on my recent work on uncertainty. 

You want to be able to give such a brief account of your research project, and I would encourage you to write it out, limit to about 250-275 words understandable to an academic lay audience, and perhaps even record it to see how it sounds.

2. I've even tried to summarize my recent work on uncertainty as a sort of haiku, albeit with too many of words. Note that such a long-hiaku is not meant to be self-explanatory, but it gives you a good place to start.

Probe, Explode Boundaries, Save, Stay Liquid, Have Uncommitted Resources, so that you have

Downside Resilience and Limited Market-Vulnerability, so that

Uninsurable Hazard and Animal Spirits are affordable for you.

[Probe and Explode Boundaries come from my analogy to particle physics, Liquidity Preference and Animal Spirits are from J. M. Keynes, and P. Davidson in J of Post-Keynesian Eco

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