Friday, June 13, 2014

Jobs, The Work, Prestige

The most important thing is that you be able to do your  work. If the place allows you to do that, you are blessed. Rankings and prestige are important, but you need to be able to do your work--that is, have a job. Your problem is to find  such a place, do your work, and teachi and be an accepted colleague. So, if your job is very different than you once imagined, ask--Can I do my work?

Say, you can only find a day-job. But it allows you time to do your work, on the side, evenings, weekends, vacations. And the day-job does not destroy you. Go for it! I  am not saying that you should be satisfied. I am saying that if you can find a job that allows you to do your work, somehow, don't brood or complain. Do the work.

Of course you may need infrastructure and support, but if they are not available, can you find work that you respect that does not demand what is not available.

My point is not about fairness or justification. It's about getting away with murder. It's about having the chance to do what matters to you.

Of course, some people do not need a salary or support. Professors of old sometimes were in this situation. But in the end, do you what you believe matters.

And if you cannot do your work--the jobs available are a poor match. See if you can do something satisfying within those constraints. If not, think about what else you might do.

What you want to avoid is being consumed by resentment, anger, etc.

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