Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Stupid Zone

Someone gave me a great notion, The Stupid Zone.

Put simply, you know that doing something may have some short term benefits or pleasures, but you will soon after regret it, or find that the blowback is harmful.  You have entered The Stupid Zone when you think about engaging in such actions.

You know what you are doing is not good for you, or will hurt you, and you know that it is stupid to pursue it, but you cannot stop yourself.

At least you can label what you are doing, The Stupid Zone.

I have no cure or even short term preventive to offer, although much of The Scholar's Survival Manual is meant to deter you from spending much time in The Stupid Zone. I keep discovering that I am in the Zone.

None of this is new or inventive. It's just that the label works for me.

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