Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Second Take on "My Class From Hell"

I was telling a friend about my Spring 2013 semester, and the course I have referred to as "my class from hell," as well as the bureaucratic acting out that made it my semester from hell. She asked if I had such before. When I said, No, she then said, That's wonderful. I realize now that after teaching for more than forty years, I should have had more of these diabolical gifts. Hence, I am quite fortunate, and ought be grateful that such nonsense was so late in coming.

In any case, I have always realized that the various nonsense had nothing to do with me, although I am sure I provided a nice occasion for their being realized. Students and staff have their own lives, their own nonsense, and it just happens to rain on your parade. Whatever I do, they will take it as being about them, rather than generic. Whatever they do, I must take it as being about them--I just happen to be in the way of their one-car accident.

Also, I have discovered that what I called "brick wall plagiarism" is quite prevalent. Again, what I encounter is generic.

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