Friday, June 21, 2013

It's NOT about You!

Of course, my postings are based on my experience and stories I have been told. In every case I anonymize and also conflate cases. For any particular issue, I have several examples in mind. So if you read a post, and say

Professor Krieger is writing me, and he is distorting who I am.


I am deliberately mixing in several stories, anonymizing, and also altering my account to make poignant the points I want to make. This is not meant to be journalism or testimony. Rather it is meant to be homiletic, teaching a lesson. I borrow from what people say to me, but combine that from several situations.  So...

You'll recognize yourself in my postings. But it's only partially you, and not necessarily the part you think is you!   Usually what I write about is the pervasive idiocy we all share. The acting out. The vulgarity. The stupidity. Etc. And sometimes the dignity and good sense we have.


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